About Brokesite

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Here at Brokesite we have a simple philosophy, “Keep It Simple Stupid.” What this means is why pay $6,000 for a website when a $500 one page is all you need for your business. A website and digital marketing are things that should grow with your business.

As small business owners ourselves, we know what it is like. You are juggling 1000 things to keep your business running smoothly and feel like if one more thing is added you are going to lose it! You have a hard time justifying paying $3,000 for a website that you are not sure you need. Here at Brokesite we have options for all budgets, if our prices look scary or out of your range contact us we can put a plan in place to fit your budget.

The Fearless Leaders of Brokesite

Mackenzie Scherer


Mackenzie is a fun (see picture), young individual with a passion and background in small business.  Her love for all things tech related and years of helping small business succeed pushed her to start Brokesite. She has her bachelors in Psychology, which sets her apart from most of the companies trying to build your website. Psychology has taught her how to build and market your site in a way that connects the technology element to the human element.

Her passion for teaching and English as a Second Language (ESL) Degree has made her uniquely qualified to consult small businesses in a language and way that makes the lessons she teaches easy to follow.  She can teach English to people who cannot speak it, so you know she can teach tech language to those who cannot speak it.

Her ESL degree and background in freelance content writing as made her a wiz at writing easily readable content that is SEO optimized.

Arianna Russell

Chief Marketing Officer

Born and raised in Ozark, Missouri, Arianna owns and manages four businesses. At age 16 she started her first business in high school, invented an American made iPhone case at age 21, so you can bet she knows her stuff.

She is a two time Brand Ambassador for Daymond John (the guy on the book) and Brand Ambassador for the Made in America Movement. Arianna loves finding holes in product design, web development and creating videos to tell your story. She believes that hard work and being different is the way to be. She has been featured on ABC World News multiple times and is one to never give up.

With years of experience in product invention and marketing, she consults new inventors on the process of bringing a product from your head to market.

You can visit her site here