Security Stats


of attacks target small businesses.

6 months

Time a company usually takes to detect a breach


Of breaches are caused by human error

Secure your data

Security is a major concern for many small businesses. Something as small as not keeping your website updated can leave it vulnerable to hackers. We check to make sure the main entry points for hackers are protected.


Contact forms

Contact forms are one of the most vulnerable points on any website. We put measure in place to prevent bots from spamming your contact form.

Website Updates

Plugins and themes update constantly. If you do not update them you will lose out on important security patches that protect your website


Sometimes your website will be to infected to save and it will require a fresh install and complete rebuild of your website. The best way to prevent a complete rebuild is to have a copy of your website in a secure location. This way should something happen you can restore your site to a point before it was infected.